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MIE is now forming a Design and Build Greenpower Team to compete internationally. The MIE Greenpower team will be coached by Mike Evans, the only coach in the country to have led a team through the Greenpower design and build process and to the international finals in the United Kingdom. ​

Students use Solid Edge software to design a battery powered car. They then build, qualify their car, and compete against top teams from around the globe. The experience of international travel, exposure to different cultures, and competing with students from around the world is life changing.

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"As an Ancient History teacher I focus on teaching students the events and people who have shaped unique cultures around the world. I absolutely believe that in today's Global economy the opportunity for students to experience and interact with multiple cultures is becoming a necessity for future success. It is no longer sufficient for students to strive for success within the bubble of our own country. The student of the 21st century is a citizen of both the United States and the world. Technology is consistently eliminating the distance between us. We must help students develop a strong understanding of different cultures in order to succeed on the world stage. Much Is Expected is unique in offering exceptional opportunities  for the engaged learner to interact and excel in a multi-national scenario at an early age which will contribute to higher success in the future."  Kathie Knickrehm, Vestavia Hills City Schools

Greenpower Racing originated in the United Kingdom where the international finals take place each fall.​ Check it out by clicking the image from the 2016 finals.

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Professional Development Programs Available!

Click image to experience Greenpower through one of Mike's former students.

From the first time a child grasps an object and puts it her mouth, she is learning about her world. MIE programs use this natural curiosity to connect students with exciting project based STEM learning that solidifies their understanding of tough math and science concepts while introducing them to possible careers.

MIE ​program delivery is through professional educators and industry mentors with more than 200 years of combined STEM experience.

Greenpower Racing was introduced to the United States by Greenpower USA. Huntsville City Schools is the home to Greenpower USA racing. Click image to investigate Greenpower USA Racing.

MIE Greenpower ​teams and camps are made possible through the generous support of Siemens. Click on the logo to view more information about Siemens Educational Software and Greenpower.