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Biomedical Services was proud to  present a  weeklong 1/2 day camp where students will  investigate the world of emerging viruses.  The students will identify emerging viral pathogens, model viral structures, investigate how these viruses infect and invade their host and investigate the life cycle of the most notorious of vectors...the mosquito!

This camp included lab skills such as DNA extraction, Microarray, ELISA, and Gel Electrophoresis. 

November 7 & 9, 2017  Cells and the Plasma Membrane

​November 13, 2017  Photosynthesis

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Emerging Infectious Diseases Camp!

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The Cell Size and the Plasma Membrane

Day 1:  Students will investigate cell surface area to volume ratio.  Students will determine why growth occurs by making more cells instead of bigger cells. 

Day 2:  Students will investigate what happens to the water concentration in cells when exposed to different solute concentrations. Students will investigate the semi-permeability od membranes and how their properties help maintain homeostasis in a cell.   Students will apply the information learned to determine the concentration of an solution on unknown solute


In this 2 hour lab session, students will investigate factors that affect the rate at which photosynthesis occurs.  Student will pick their variables, collect their data and create a visual aide to convey their results to their peers (parents are also welcome).  Students will also use paper chromatography to isolate pigments found in various leaf samples and mathematically identify these pigments.