Lisa Sams, Director, Elementary Programs

MIE Stem Learning Center

Lisa has been teaching in the Huntsville area for over thirty years.  Her career began teaching disadvantaged youth, aged sixteen to twenty-one, the skills necessary to pass the GED.  Next, she taught middle school Science before moving to the elementary grades.  There she taught third and fifth grades before becoming a gifted specialist.

Lisa is a strong advocate for using hands-on, inquiry based learning to trigger students curiosity and ignite their learning.  She has written and been the recipient of several grants used to purchase technological materials to support her lessons.

Lisa holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from the University of Alabama in Huntsville and a Masters in Gifted Education from Samford University.

June served as a 27-year veteran science teacher and principal at Grissom High School.  During this time June facilitated Grissom High School’s recognition as a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence and an Alabama Engineering Academy Initiative School. June developed and taught the Environmental Field Studies course at Grissom High School. This course provided field experience outside the classroom with hands on investigations in natural settings including rivers, oceans, and caves.  Students’ research of the Alabama cave shrimp, an endangered species, was funded by a Toyota Tapestry grant, the first awarded in Alabama.  June and her students’ research was published in The Journal of the Alabama Academy of Science in July 1999.  This course established the model for hands on project based STEM learning leading to the development of the Applied Math and Science Center at Grissom High School which piloted Project Lead the Way (PLTW) and Cyber Security for Huntsville City Schools. 

STEM Programs

Much Is Expected, Inc. was formed out of a deep commitment to our children, our families, our community, and our country that is seeded in our Christian faith. We believe that we have all been given spiritual gifts which we are to use in service to others and to the glory of our creator. To this end, Much Is Expected, Inc. strives to supplement current programs in meeting the educational and physical needs of children.

We are working to become an active partner in providing students experiences and teachers ongoing professional development and support in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). All our programs include WOW Factor, opportunities for collaboration, interaction with industry mentors, workplace soft skills, project based learning, and the use of the most current technologies.

As educators, we know that students cannot learn when their physical needs are not met. To this end, we have established the Counselors’ Closet. This program provides a quick turnaround to the requests of counselors for coats, shoes, or other clothing items to meet the emergency needs of the children in our community.

We look forward to working with you as we become a more and more active part of our community. Please look at the rest of the website but know that it is a work in progress.

The Mission of the Much Is Expected, Inc. STEM Learning Center is to support Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) opportunities for school age children with a goal of fostering excitement about these subjects and career fields while supporting the core competencies that promote success in these areas in a formal education setting. 

Mike, a 26-year veteran educator, introduced, developed, and implemented the advanced manufacturing program for Huntsville City Schools. He worked with Greenpower United Kingdom and served as CEO for the GreenpowerUSA Foundation facilitating the implementation of Greenpower in the United States. Mike coached a Greenpower team of local students and led them to recognition on the international stage. He has served on multiple committees for the Alabama State Department of Education assisting with curriculum development, course of study design, and creation of the statewide junior college articulation agreement. Mike’s former students include numerous state and national drafting design medal winners and engineering scholarship awardees.

Kate Mousel has been a fixture in Science education in the Huntsville area for almost 20 years. She has taught both Honors Biology and Advanced Placement (AP) Biology in the public schools where she earned recognition as a national upper echelon AP teacher based on her students’ outstanding performance on the national test. Kate served as the first Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Biomedical Sciences teacher for Huntsville City Schools, teaching the Introduction to Biomedical Sciences class during its pilot year for the district. Kate has built and coached many championship Science Olympiad teams in the various high schools where she has served. Kate served as an instructor at the university level, teaching lab technique at University of Alabama, Huntsville, while completing her graduate degree. She also has practical experience in the public health field, having served 6 years as the City Health Department Director for the city of Arnold, Missouri. She brings this wealth and diversity of experience, as well has her enthusiasm to help students, to her work at Much is Expected.

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Counselors' Closet

Local Counselors may request clothing items for students with emergency needs.

Susan is a lifelong children’s advocate. She has served as a PTA President, science teacher, and building/district level administrator with Huntsville City Schools (HCS). During that time, she originated numerous programs for the district including Project Lead the Way, Cyber Security, and the EMT program. In her role as Career Academy Director, Susan developed and implemented STEM programs that led to HCS teams earning top spots in state, national, and international competitions. Seeing a disconnection between much of what happens in the classroom and that which students find relevant to their daily lives, in 2011 Susan and her family incorporated the nonprofit Much Is Expected, Inc. One goal of the organization is to provide students high quality STEM programs that assist them in connecting their talents, interests, and educational pathways with high demand careers. Susan was recognized as Alabama PTA Teacher of the Year in 2012 for her work as the Director of the Applied Math and Science Center at Grissom High School.

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